About Us

Missing Patriot is an advocacy organization to support the recovery, return and identification of fallen United States service members that are Missing In Action (MIA).

Missing Patriot was established to advocate for the release and declassification of records related to Missing In Action service members from past conflicts.   Families of the missing often know family lore of a lost loved one but often details stop at the family lore.  In the age global connectivity, the thought crosses their mind, “…surely, there must be more information available”, but where does one begin to find information.  The family photo of a handsome young uniformed soldier often opens a world of unanswered questions.   In an effort to provide answers, Missing Patriot online system was established to assist in getting started with research, make sure the family knows that there is a government agency responsible for finding the missing service members and provide answers to those questions and help to resolve cases.



Is my family member listed on the Department of Defense MIA list?

Where do I begin my research?

Were there other service members involved in the loss of my service member?

How do I find other families with similar experiences?

What is the name of the Government Agency responsible for the recovery and identification?

How do I contact the Government Agency?

How do I navigate through the complex world of POW/MIA recovery efforts within the United States government?

Assitance includes providing archival research and documentation from both domestic and international sources to families, working closely with the US agencies involved in POW/MIA affairs and, connecting families with the government agencies involved in their individual case and with the resources needed to find resolution on their missing loved one, and where necessary, advocating for positive change in the accountability of the POW/MIA community.

Our advocacy group is currently assisting the Service Casualty Office in the creation of a DNA database, which will help to identify missing service members by linking their DNA with samples provided by their surviving family members. Our outreach efforts aim to develop relationships and partnerships with other non-governmental organizations and reunion groups, to ensure that “No One Left Behind” becomes more than just a slogan.