3/6/2014:  A message from Army Service Casualty on DNA and FRS (Family Reference Sample) Collection:

The Army Casualty Office has been routinely collecting yDNA samples since late 2010.  If we have a requirement for Family Reference Samples for a given Soldier we will always attempt to get mtDNA, yDNA, and nuclear DNA samples.  However, for cases prior to 2011 where we did not gather yDNA or nuclear DNA, we only gather those samples if the family offers them, or the  Identification Lab needs them to make an identification.

The Armed Forces DNA Laboratory should be the ones to provide you a percentage of DNA collected for a given conflict.  They maintain the Official record and are the ones that determine the type and quantity of samples needed in coordination with the Central Identification Lab.

For  World War  II cases, the Army Casualty Office focuses our efforts on requirements from unilateral turnovers, and projections of recoveries and disinterments, rather than a generic number of samples that may or may not  be needed for every case.  Since FRS samples are not generationally dependent, this approach has proven nearly 100% effective in meeting the  needs of the Identification Lab.  The largest issue we run into is Family members being unwilling to donate their DNA.  That said, we certainly welcome all family members to contact us and enquire about the DNA references available for their Soldier.  If their samples will assist with identification we will gladly send them the FRS kits so their DNA can be put into the AFDIL sequence pool.

The Government recommends that each family contact the Service Casualty Offices to register as a family member and to provide DNA when possible.  

How to Contact Military Departments Casualty Offices:

Department of the Army Casualty and Mortuary Affairs Operations Center 1600 Spearhead Division Avenue Fort Knox, KY  40121  Telephone Number 1-800-325-4988

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Navy Casualty Assistance Division Navy Personnel Command 5720 Integrity Dr. Millington, TN 38055-6200 Telephone Number 1-800-368-3202

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Headquarters, Air Force Personnel Center Air Force Casualty Services ATTN: AFPC/DPWCS 550 C Street, West Suite #14 Randolph AFB, TX 78150-4716 Telephone Number 1-800-433-0048 or 1-210-565-5000

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U.S. Marine Corps Casualty Assistance Section (MFPC) 2008 Elliott Road Quantico, VA 22134-5102 Telephone number 1-800-847-1597 or 1-703-784-9512 

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