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Upcoming Reunions:

B-26 Marauder Historical Society 2018 Reunion
The B-26 Marauder Historical Society is holding its 2018 Reunion at Colorado Springs, CO from 1-4 August 2018. Please contact Jenn at 520-322-6226 or admin@B-26MHS.org for more information, the program and registration form. We also are promoting Reunion Scholarships for those 25 and younger. Ask Jenn for info. http://www.b-26mhs.org/
Marshall Magruder, President MHS

91st Strategic Reconnaissance Wing (McGuire (1948-49), Yokota (1950-54), Barksdale (1950-51), Lockbourne (1951-57)
May 17-22, 2015, Savannah GA
Includes members of 91PRS, 91SRS, 322SRS, 323SRS, 324SRS, 91ARS, FMS, AEMS, RTS, PMS, Sup Sq, Med Gp, AP Sq, Com Sq, HQ, 16PRS, 31SRS, 6091SRS, 91st Bomb Wing (1963-1968), 91st Space/Missile Wing (1968-Active), 91IS (Fort Meade 1993-2005), 91NWS (Lackland 2007-Active), et al. Also invited are members of the 91st Bomb Group (WWII) and Lockbourne AFB Reunion Group. Jim Bard, 3424 Nottingham Road, Westminster MD, 21157, 410-549-1094